Mission To Mars - Online Minecraft STEM Camp Four Week Access


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For Ages 8 - 14. Design, build, play! Learn the science of space exploration while building a complete mission-ready Mars colony in Minecraft!


Valid Username for Minecraft Java Edition Release 1.15.2 (Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux for $26)
Computer with speaker / microphone for communication via Discord.com
Be part of a team that builds concept models of Critical Components of a colony for our first settlers on Mars, using Minecraft as the Learning Environment.
Your Daily Build Plan Opportunities Are Supported By:
Concept Visuals From Prior Builds
Technical Concept Proposals
Builders can work independently or in teams by claiming plots on our development sandbox world and then creating their concept builds to meet the current design challenge.

Participants are encouraged to document their work via screenshots, presentations, and videos in order to be considered for weekly design badges.

Campers will:
-Develop planning and design skills
-Get better at problem-solving -Learn 3D game building
-Work in a collaborative environment